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Strategic Plan


Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Goals: 2015-2017

Strengthen economic sustainability of the organization

  • Identify funding strategies and streams
  • Increase the understanding of SBWT and the involvement of businesses and communities in our efforts
  • Share results and data through the creation and distribution a community report card

Develop better technology and effectively utilize technology to fulfill mission

  • Assess the current website and identify targeted improvements to better usability and reduce costs
  • Deploy appropriate web based and mobile based applications, including social media, as communication and marketing tools
  • Evaluate existing equipment to identify improvement and remove existing technological barriers

Expand Virginia Quality in Western Tidewater and increase opportunities for early child care trainings for both parents and teachers

  • Promote and grow the Virginia Quality for child care providers and centers
  • Increase the scope and quality of provider trainings to reach providers
  • Maintain the regional infrastructure to ensure continuity of Virginia Quality programing

Effectively cultivate a strong collaborative effort to increase family engagement; screenings, evaluations and referrals; and school transition

  • Increase and emphasize family engagement
  • Increase the amount of screenings, evaluations and referrals
  • Ensure avenues for effective school transition