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ARPA Grant


ARPA Child Care Stabilization Grant

In November, the Virginia Department of Education in partnership with the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation announced the launch of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Child Care Stabilization Grant Program. The purpose of the grant is to stabilize child care programs now, support providers to make strategic investments, and incentivize and reward participation in the Child Care Subsidy Program. The Virginia Department of Education is accepting applications on a rolling basis, but eligible child care providers are encouraged to submit an application by November 30, 2021 to receive maximum funding.

Learn more about eligibility criteria, grant timeline, and more by visiting

ARPA Child Care Stabilization Grant Monitoring

The Virginia Department of Education is developing a monitoring plan for recipients of the Child Care Stabilization Grant Program. Monitoring will begin Spring 2022. Grant recipients should be prepared to demonstrate compliance with the grant requirements and how grant funds have been spent. To learn more, please view the ARPA Briefing webinar recording at The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation is providing the following free resources to ensure that your program is prepared:

  • If you are a family day home or small center (50 or less students), VECF is offering a free, 1 year subscription to Wonderschool to assist in financial record keeping. For more information, text WONDER to 33777
  • All programs have access to VECF’s ARPA Technical Assistance Program. This program entails small group coaching, hands on guides/tools, and recorded videos. For more information, visit